Running, Loving, Living!

Yesterday, I completed the Running, Loving, Living Virtual Welcome to Summer 5K! My original plan was to take my daughter, Nora, along with me but as I’ve learned in my short 6 months of motherhood, my plans typically don’t go as “planned”!

I ended up going for the run after we put Nora to bed. Confession: this was the first time I’ve ever left her after bedtime. I’m always afraid she is going to wake up and need to be fed! I’m glad I did because it wasn’t as hot but the air was still pretty heavy.

I’ve been so happy to be “just running” lately that I’m not worried about my times yet. I’m sure I will get there though. Here are my 5K results:


On another note, Happy Third Anniversary to my wonderful Husband! He is the reason this new running passion of mine has become a reality. He is always willing to watch Nora while I get in some “me” time. I love you, Stephen!



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