Flat Mama Friday & Race Review

I’m not racing this weekend but I wanted to give an update on last week’s Flat Mama Friday.  My outfit became a Flat Mama celebrity on the Moms RUN This Town Facebook page within hours of posting!  I had no idea but Pam of Moms RUN This Town tweeted to me to let me know!

I wore the Flat Mama for the Lilies for Lily 5k.  This was my first race EVER!  It was a fairly small race with around 250 participants.  Perfect size for my first time out.  I was so nervous about starting out too fast and not being able to finish.  I ended up finishing with a ton of energy and realized I probably could have pushed myself a little more.

Nora wore purple stripes too!

I have no idea if this is typical of most races but registration took a LONG time, even for those of us that were pre-registered!  Also, the race started almost 15 minutes late.  Is that normal?  Overall, it was a great experience and I definitely plan to do it again next year.

Lining Up

My goal for next year’s event is to run with Nora in the jogging stroller!  Although she and my husband were great cheerleaders this time around.  Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!


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