The Weekly Chase- Late Night Edition

I did a much better job of sticking to my Weekly Chase goals this past week although still not perfect. Here is the recap of the week:

Last Week’s Goal #1: 

Plank a Day- Check?  I did do a plank 5 out of 7 days.  A GIANT improvement from last week.

Last Week’s Goal #2:

Check?  Write my Weekly Chase Goals over the weekend-  Although I did not actually write the post over the weekend, I did spend time thinking about my goals.  So, a step in the right direction.

Last Week’s Goal #3:

Check?  The beginning of the week I did snack, and not the healthiest.  However, I snacked much less and much more healthy towards the end of the week.

Here are my goals for this week’s Weekly Chase:

Goal #1:

Really push myself at Stroller Strides.

The Stroller Strides workout is comprised of interval training and power walking with the stroller and resistance bands.  You can really make the workout as hard or as easy as you want.  Lately, I feel like I haven’t given 110% during the workouts.  My goal is to leave it all out on the trail this week.
Goal #2:

Don’t let out of town guests get in the way of my cross training.

We have had a seemingly steady stream of out of town guests since Nora was born 7 months ago because we live over 200 miles from all of our family.  I always make time to run when we have company here but I let the cross-training fall by the wayside.  We have guests coming Friday-Sunday this week so I really want to make it a priority to fit my cross training in while they are here.

Half Training Plan:

Monday- Apparently a rest day since I didn’t do anything today!

Tuesday- 3 Miles & Stroller Strides

Wednesday- Stroller Strides

Thursday- 3.5 Miles

Friday- Stroller Strides

Saturday- 30 Day Shred

Sunday- 5 Miles

Do you feel guilty fitting in your workout when you are hosting out of town guests?


2 thoughts on “The Weekly Chase- Late Night Edition

  1. Good job last week! So awesome that you are training with such a small baby! WTG! Good luck with your goals this week. I’m sure your guests will understand and be happy for you too fit in your workout.. havve a great week!

  2. Good for you for not letting guests derail your routine! That is so hard to do sometimes, so I think you are smart to plan ahead and make it a goal. Stroller Strides sounds great! It’s wonderful that you can incorporate it into your workout plan for your half. Good luck on the coming week’s goals! I look forward to visiting again next week!

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