The Weekly Chase- Late Night Edition

I did a much better job of sticking to my Weekly Chase goals this past week although still not perfect. Here is the recap of the week:

Last Week’s Goal #1: 

Plank a Day- Check?  I did do a plank 5 out of 7 days.  A GIANT improvement from last week.

Last Week’s Goal #2:

Check?  Write my Weekly Chase Goals over the weekend-  Although I did not actually write the post over the weekend, I did spend time thinking about my goals.  So, a step in the right direction.

Last Week’s Goal #3:

Check?  The beginning of the week I did snack, and not the healthiest.  However, I snacked much less and much more healthy towards the end of the week.

Here are my goals for this week’s Weekly Chase:

Goal #1:

Really push myself at Stroller Strides.

The Stroller Strides workout is comprised of interval training and power walking with the stroller and resistance bands.  You can really make the workout as hard or as easy as you want.  Lately, I feel like I haven’t given 110% during the workouts.  My goal is to leave it all out on the trail this week.
Goal #2:

Don’t let out of town guests get in the way of my cross training.

We have had a seemingly steady stream of out of town guests since Nora was born 7 months ago because we live over 200 miles from all of our family.  I always make time to run when we have company here but I let the cross-training fall by the wayside.  We have guests coming Friday-Sunday this week so I really want to make it a priority to fit my cross training in while they are here.

Half Training Plan:

Monday- Apparently a rest day since I didn’t do anything today!

Tuesday- 3 Miles & Stroller Strides

Wednesday- Stroller Strides

Thursday- 3.5 Miles

Friday- Stroller Strides

Saturday- 30 Day Shred

Sunday- 5 Miles

Do you feel guilty fitting in your workout when you are hosting out of town guests?


Lancaster MRTT Meet & Greet!

The Lancaster Chapter of Moms RUN This Town has only been around for about 3 weeks but has taken off like wildfire! I started the chapter on June 14th and we now have over almost 60 members. This group has gone above and beyond my wildest dreams already. It’s so exciting! On Sunday, July 15th we are going to have our first get together as a group. A Meet and Greet if you will.

Join us at Sweet Frog Lancaster on July 15th at 7:30 pm. Located on Lititz Pike in the same shopping center as Giant, Michaels, and Inside Track.


You can RSVP to the event through the Lancaster Chapter MRTT Facebook Page.

I can’t wait to meet all of the wonderful moms of the Lancaster Chapter!

Flat Mama Friday- The Color Run Edition

My Flat Mama this weekend is for The Color Run in Philadelphia on Sunday. I will be running 3.1 miles of colorful goodness along with my sister, our friend and neighbor growing up, and over 22,000 other happy runners! There will be several other Moms RUN This Town Lancaster Chapter members there too.

We are heading to Philadelphia tomorrow to pick up our race packets and enjoy the city before the run on Sunday. It’s supposed to be a scorcher this weekend with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. Luckily the race begins at 7 am.

Stay cool and happy running this weekend!


Hello world!

Welcome to Lancaster, Pennsylvania Mom’s RUN this town blog!

My name is Molly & I am the Chapter Leader for the Moms RUN this town (MRTT) Lancaster, Pennsylvania Chapter.  Moms RUN this Town is a nationwide running club to support and motivate mothers throughout their running journey.  It doesn’t matter if you are a walker or a runner… someone who has never raced before or a marathoner… we just want to surround each other with like-minded women who have a passion for staying healthy!

I never viewed running as a sport for me… only as torture for my sport!  But that all changed after my daughter was born in December 2011.  Now I love running and I look forward to my running sessions.  Join me as I navigate the world of running as a new mom & new runner with the Moms RUN this town community!

If you live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and want to join us- please request an invitation to our Facebook group here. We would love to have you be a part of our support network!